“Anjali was in a drunken state…,” reveals the victim’s friend Nidhi in the Kanjhawala death case.

In a major breakthrough in the Kanjhawala case in Delhi, deceased Anjali’s friend, Nidhi, who was alleged with her at the time of the incident, revealed that she was drunk but insisted on driving the two-wheeler. “She (Anjali) was drunk but insisted on driving a two-wheeler,” Nidhi said. After the car hit us, I landed on one side, while my friend became trapped beneath the car. The men in the car were aware that she was trapped beneath their vehicle. I went home without informing the police.”

Describing what happened after the Baleno car hit their scooter, Nidhi said her friend’s foot was stuck in the car, but she escaped. “Anjali yelled for help, but those men kept driving. Despite knowing that Anjali was trapped, they reversed the car and drove ahead. This was done at least twice. They attempted to hit me as well but were unable to do so. The car had tinted windows, and those men were inebriated. I panicked and fled the scene. I was only slightly hurt. “I walked back home and told my mother about the accident without giving her any details,” Nidhi explained.

Nidhi also made a statement about Anjali’s character, but Anjali’s family members have denied and called Nidhi’s allegations baseless. They have also expressed concerns about her and inquired about her whereabouts following the incident.

People are furious with Nidhi because of her remark about Anjali’s character:

Anjali was stuck onto the front left wheel:

According to the forensic report, after examining the killer Baleno who hit and then dragged 20-year-old Anjali to death, it was discovered that Anjali was stuck onto the front left wheel of the vehicle. The majority of the blood stains were discovered behind the front left wheel, but there was blood on other parts as well. According to the report, there is no evidence that the woman was present inside the car. Blood samples from the car’s occupants have been sent to a forensic laboratory for analysis. As she was dragged by the moving car, the woman’s head was towards the boot.

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