Breakthrough in Quantum Computing: Attaining Long-Sought Quantum Supremacy

In revolutionary success, scientists have reached a milestone in the field of quantum
computing, believing in a highly valued idea, also known as quantum supremacy. The article,
which was published in a reputable journal, makes the concept of using quantum mechanics
to transform computing stronger. When a quantum computer completes a task better than a
classical supercomputer, it is referred to as Quantum Supremacy. Leading research teams
at various institutes led to the invention of the “Sycamore” (Quantum processor) to achieve
quantum computing.
Experiments conducted on the Sycamore quantum processor include complex algorithms
that determine the ability to solve computational problems at an exponentially faster rate.
These experiments highlight the superiority of tackling specific issues.
Breakthrough in Error Correction
Error correction is the main problem faced by Quantum computing. Quantum systems are
more prone to error because of their sensitivity, which is brought by interference and noise.
Recent advanced studies have developed error correction codes like surface codes, which
are responsible for precise results.
Advancement in Quantum Hardware:
Not only error correction, Quantum hardware is also a considerable achievement. Many
companies like Google are going beyond their ability in quantum computing to create new
standards of qubit integration periods. This research is essential for increasing the potency
and capabilities of quantum computing.
Quantum Supremacy Demonstrated:
In 2019, Google was in the headlines for the demonstration of quantum supremacy (the
ability of computers to solve more complex problems). Google’s 53-qubit Sycamore
processor plays a significant role in this achievement.
Application of Quantum Computing:

There are various applications of quantum computing in different domains, like drug
discovery, data science, finance, etc. Achievement in Quantum Supremacy like variational
quantum eigensolver (VQE) and the quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA)
meant to create new opportunities in problem-solving. The recent breakthrough regarding
quantum computing acts as a significant achievement in practical quantum computing.

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