Data protection and the private sphere of the users are very important to SaidList  (hereinafter referred to as “SaidList”). The collecting and use of your personal data takes place exclusively within the framework of the statutory provisions of applicable data protection laws. With this data privacy policy, SaidList is providing information concerning the processing of personal data in the mobile applications (hereinafter referred to jointly as “SaidList apps” or simply “apps”).

1 Point of contact
The point of contact and so-called responsible body for the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data under data protection laws is
Global ITCombine
<67 B Qutab Enclave New Delhi 110016 Should you have any questions relating to data protection, you can get in touch with our company’s data protection officer at any time. The data protection officer can be contacted at the postal address above, as well as by email at The data protection officer is also available should you have any queries concerning the transfer of data to third countries and can provide copies or guarantees in the form of standard data protection clauses. Should you have any general concerns or queries, you can also contact SaidList by email at

2 Area of Applicability
This data privacy policy applies to all SaidList apps with all content, functions and services, within the operating systems which are offered (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile).

Should you be interested in data protection on our websites, please read the Data Privacy Policy (web) of the SaidList websites.

3 Processing of personal data
Personal data will be processed before and during the downloading and installation of the apps and during handling with and without a registration.
Personal data is information relating to factual or personal relationships of a defined or definable natural person. Above all, this includes information which allows your identity to be traced, for example name, address or email address.
Statistical data which we collect during a visit to our apps for example and which cannot be connected to you does not come under the definition of personal data. Rather this is so-called anonymous data.

3.1 Processing before downloading and installing the apps