Netflix Introduce Additional Charge to Combat Password Sharing all Around the World

Netflix expands a restriction on exchanging passwords with outsiders. Initially, this crackdown on password sharing was introduced in Canada and two more countries.

Netflix on Tuesday expanded its crackdown in more than 100 countries including US and Germany, alerting users that their accounts cannot be shared for free outside of their households.

Netflix is sending emails to its subscribers informing them about this crackdown. The emails state that a Netflix account should only be used in one household. Paying customers can add a member outside of their homes for an additional fee.

Netflix is losing its subscribers for the first time in this decade. The reason behind this is over 100 million households are using Netflix by sharing passwords. 

In 2017 Netflix tweeted “Love is sharing a password”. Through this tweet, Netflix promoted password sharing to friends and family to watch content over Netflix.

But now, Netflix is making decisions regarding making more money. In the US the charge to add an extra member is $8. In the UK it’s 5 pounds. 

Now you have to demand money from your friend before giving the password to him.

This applies to premium 4K subscription plans. The two cheapest plans, basic and standard plan with ads has no option to add on any extra member. 

On this news, the response is not so positive from people.
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