Home of Hindus who came from Pak are bulldozed in Jaisalmer, Following the order of DM, Tina Dabi

In Jaisalmer, the demolition of a basti is done by bulldozers in the presence of police and officials in which approx 30 families were living. This act made them homeless and they are compelled to live under the open sky. 

According to reports, UIT Officials along with police went to Kachchi Basti on Monday evening and ordered to vacate the whole area.

The very next morning, 

Tina Dabi is a collector of the district of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. To justify her action, she told the media that The state government has no such policies to rehabilitate the migrants unless they have Indian citizenship.


In 2019, the CAA Act was passed in the Indian Parliament which caused a lot of riots and protests at that time all over India. CAA makes eligible “non-muslims illegal immigrants” to take Indian citizenship who come from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh. But the concern is that the effect of CAa is not seen on Ground zero.

#tina dabi is trending on Twitter and people are demanding action against DM Tina Dabi for her inhumane action against victims of Pakistani’s religious zealots.


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