This Bengaluru Youth Made A Very Touching Gesture.

Bengaluru witnessed a very tragic accident on Tuesday morning when Harish Nanjappa, 23, was almost cut into half after a truck hit his motorbike as Times of India reported.

Some passersby were too horrified to react to the incident, while other insensitive humans gathered around him to take pictures and videos of the gory event. But some sense prevailed thankfully, and soon the police and ambulance were called in.

While they were rushing Harish to the hospital, He had an unusual wish to make. He pleaded with those who took him to hospital, and the doctors and paramedics, to harvest his organs and donate them to those in need.

“Ambulances reached Harish in about 8 minutes after the accident was reported. He was alive when he was rushed to the nearest government hospital. A few minutes after reaching there, he passed away,” Deputy SP Rajendra Kumar was quoted by The Hindu as saying.


As he struggled to survive, Harish’s eyes as he was keen on donating his organs was saved by the helmet he was wearing, were donated to the Narayana Netralaya as per his dying wish. Doctors were astounded how a man, cut in two in the cruel accident, could show such presence of mind and were deeply moved by his gesture.

Unfortunately, his other organs could not be harvested since they were badly damaged in the accident. But nevertheless, Harish’s selfless gesture will be remembered for a long time to come.

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