Sachin Tendulkar Turns 50 Today Here are Few Glimpses of His Life.

Tendulkar continues to have a huge fan base throughout the world and is recognised as one of the finest athletes to have ever played.

The 50-year-old participated in 664 international games and amassed 34,357 runs, which is the most in the game’s history. The Little Master was not only skilled with the bat but also with the ball, earning him the nickname “man with the golden arm” during his playing days. More often than not, Tendulkar gave his side the crucial breakthrough whenever there was a partnership that had threatened to cost India the game.

In addition, he is the first cricketer in history to have scored a century of centuries, and he helped India win the 2011 World Cup while MS Dhoni served as captain.

In 2012, Sachin ended his ODI career after recording his 100th century in his farewell game. And his final game of his amazing career was the 200th Test match in November 2013 at Wankhede Stadium against the West Indies.

Mr. Achrekar. the coach of sachin tendulkar with cricketing community is aware of his commitment and unwavering belief that young Sachin will one day rule the sport. They all worked together to create a timeline of Tendulkar’s life. to assist him in achieving his goals.

His parents and their struggle to make their child dream come true

The Father of Tendulkar was a poet and Marathi professor. His friendliness and devotion towards his students was ultimate. on this tendulkar said I never once witnessed him lose his cool. He had poise and equilibrium. He never once said to me, “I am your father; do as I command.” Instead, he would ask what I wanted before offering his complete support. I adopted his feeling of equilibrium and calmness.

His younger mind was opened up to possibilities by his brother Ajit. “He saw that I bat well, and he paved the way for me.” Tendulkar claims that on occasion, they have left the frame where he was. They only divulge their second name when it is absolutely necessary.

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