Political Analyst Prashant Kishor Projects 300 Seats for the BJP: “No Dissatisfaction Towards the PM”

Famous political analyst Prashant Kishor predicted the 300 Lokbsabha seats for the BJP in the next parliamentary elections. Prashant Kishor, who is well known for his accurate predictions and solid political analysis, dedicated this prediction to the popularity of our respected PM, Mr Narendra Modi.

In his recent interview, he stated that the government had numerous obstacles and commitments, and there wasn’t much widespread unhappiness directed toward the prime minister. He also said that the public attitude toward the BJP is still positive after so much hate spread by the opposition. He claimed to leave the political analysis if there is no increment in the BJP seat in Bengal.

Because of the BJP’s Impressive performance in efficient administration and calculated campaigning, the party will have a lead in the election. After voting, many voters said that our PM is a dominant leader, so we voted for him. Some people troll Prashant Kishore a’ ‘Purana gulam’ with his picture with our PM.

The estimate is made in the context of a heated political climate. The opposition parties step up their attempts to seize the BJP’s control. According to him, the opposition party doesn’t have enough potential and strategy. So, the BJP and our PM Modi, will win the election held in 2024.


People will check whether Prashant Kishore’s prediction is right or wrong by examining public sentiments and campaigning. His forecasting increases the problem and struggle of the opposition party. He praised the BJP, adding a fascinating dimension to the political story that is developing.

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