Photoshopped or Real?; Hrithik’s Version Of “Leaked” Photo.

The Hrithik-Kangana scandal seems to have no end. Each day, there has been some development on the issue- either in the form of some leaked emails, pictures or the release of official statements from both end.

After Kangana’s team released an ‘intimate’ picture of Hrithik embracing Kangana.


Hrithik’s team has hit out and released a series of pictures which show that not just Kangana, there were many others present at the party, including his ex-wife Sussanne Khan…



Their public shaming seems to be never-ending.

Sadly, the two actors are engaging in an unnecessary blame game which is not only affecting their star statuses but is also leaves a bad impact on their fans.

Here what their fans had to say about the twists and plots in their story.

This case is getting even more confusing. Kangana’s side has been presenting their version of the story, trying to establish the fact that she was indeed in an affair with Duggu. And all the statements and revelations from Hrithik’s end have only proved otherwise.

Which version are we supposed to believe? Given that none of the parties are still willing to accept they are lying, this scandal is only leaving all of us astonished.

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