Odd Even Part Two Losses Its Fizz.

A little over a week since the second phase of Delhi’s odd even formula for private cars has lost steam already.

There has been little impact on the toxic air pollution levels of the city and no significant change is visible as yet in Delhi’s usual traffic scenario. The latter, clubbed with high compliance levels to the rule, is something that the Aam Aadmi Party government had considered a measure of the scheme’s success in both its phases.


For the first three days, the traffic was smooth, but fourth day onwards, the congestions were started as usual. I saw several violators on my way to the office, but didn’t see anyone being stopped,” said Singh. Singh’s CNG car is exempt from the scheme.

Unlike January, where many volunteered to use the metro and bus services for their daily commute, a scorching April heat in the capital has prompted many to avail cab service, this time, a factor that has led to more cars on the city streets.

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