Muslim Rashtra Justice? Shocking Kangaroo Court Assault Rocks West Bengal

In a chilling display of mob justice, a video has surfaced showing a woman and her partner
being brutally beaten on the streets of Chopra in Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal. The attacker,
identified as Tajmul alias “JCB,” is allegedly a local Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader. This
horrifying act, sanctioned by a kangaroo court, has sparked outrage and deep political rifts.

Captured in the video, Tajmul mercilessly thrashes the couple with bamboo sticks, pulling
the woman by her hair and kicking her as onlookers watch in silence. The police swiftly
arrested Tajmul, but the incident has ignited a firestorm of criticism against the ruling TMC.
Chopra MLA Hamidul Rahaman’s controversial remarks added fuel to the fire. Describing
the woman’s actions as “unsocial,” Rahaman justified the assault, citing “Muslim rashtra”
codes of justice. This statement has drawn sharp rebukes from the opposition, with BJP’s
Bengal chief Sukanta Majumdar questioning if TMC is imposing Sharia law in West Bengal.
The BJP, Congress, and CPI(M) have all condemned the incident, calling it a stark example
of lawlessness under Mamata Banerjee’s regime. BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya blasted the
TMC for enabling such brutality, accusing Banerjee of being a “curse for women.”

As the police continue their investigation, the TMC has distanced itself from Tajmul, pledging
to probe the incident thoroughly. However, the party’s past complicity in similar “kangaroo
courts” undercuts its credibility.
This brutal episode highlights the pervasive issue of mob justice in West Bengal and the
political undercurrents fueling such violence. With public outrage mounting, the demand for
justice and accountability from the state’s leadership grows louder.

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