Kejriwal Spent a Whopping 45 Crores on Renovation of his House.

Congressman Ajay Maken has questioned Arvind Kejriwal’s eligibility to continue in his position in light of claims that Rs 45 crore was spent on the “beautification” of the Delhi chief minister’s official residence.

Maken asserted on Monday that Kejriwal used public monies totaling Rs. 45 crore to furnish his opulent mansion, including lavish purchases like Dior polish, Vietnam marble, pricey draperies, and high-end carpets. The AAP leader did, however, distribute printed copies of a sworn document dated June 7, 2013, in which he made seven commitments, in his New Delhi Legislative Assembly seat before to taking office.

Maken claimed that Kejriwal pledged not to drive through a red light, request more security than is necessary for an average citizen, and refuse to obey traffic laws.

The documents state that 23 curtains, costing a total of Rs 97 lakhs, were cleared for installation at the home of Delhi’s chief minister and AAP national convenor.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi city chief, spent almost Rs 3 crores on marble that was imported from Vietnam for his home remodelling. Deor Pearl Marble, noted for its high quality, was used to lay the flooring. The chemical adhesive used to secure the stone cost another Rs. 21,60,000.According to the records, Rs 40 lakhs was also used to install six almirahs in Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s official residence.

In 2013, Arvind Kejriwal rejected government bungalows in favour of smaller apartments.

It is noteworthy that the Aam Aadmi Party has long positioned itself as the party of the common man, openly supporting the cause of austerity and criticising its political rivals for their alleged excess. In 2013, Arvind Kejriwal declared that he and his AAP colleagues will choose smaller government flats over the bungalows offered by the government.

As the most recent inquiry now indicates, ten years after they were made, their high promises and claims appear to be little more than political bluster, casting doubt on the party’s claimed commitment to fiscal responsibility and restraint after winning power.

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