Kangna Ranaut’s E-Mails To Hrithik Roshan Leaked

Kangana Hrithik

The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut spat took another turn when mails allegedly sent by Kangana to Hrithik show that she was probably in a one-sided affair, that existed just in her imagination

The emails, published in DNA, have been submitted by Hrithik to the cops along with a police complaint against Kangana for mentally harassing him. As per the report, she sent him thousands of mails over a period of six months, some of which have been leaked. On days, Kangana sent Hrithik emails every six minutes.

For instance, there is a mail sent by the actor, with a nude picture of herself, in which she writes: “This is what is waiting for you the first time we are together”.

Another email sent on October 4, 2014 shows that Hrithik didn’t indulge her or the mails: “..I get up in the morning and first thing I google you. Try to find one new picture, one new interview, any news to start my day. I hope this routine ends soon and instead of googling you I could make a call to you hear your voice talk to you and start my day (sic)…”


In another mail sent on September 3, 2014, she writes that he didn’t answer her call: “Its just that its too hard to be sending these mails and never hearing anything back (sic)” , and in yet another sent on August 17, 2014, “Why don’t you ever talk to me?”

“What if someday I meet you and you tell me that you haven’t received anything, you don’t even know me, you never loved me. What will I do then? Will I ever recover from that revelation of that fatal reality. … will my life just be a broken dream?”


She also writes to Hrithik on August 22, 2014 that she has Asperger’s syndrome.


‘Hi, what did you decide? Will you tell me or should I wait till your divorce goes through? I feel confused what if after your divorce you refuse to talk to me. What will I do? In this syndrome people sometimes have imaginary relationship. I have told you I have been living with you for sometime now.’ (Dated: August 23, 2014)

‘Baby I feel when we start to date, I won’t like to see your pics and news on the net like this, it confuses me and it can cause complications in our relationship’. (Dated: August 28, 2014)

Kangna Ranaut apparently took a picture of a banner featuring Hrithik Roshan which read, ‘Get ready to step into the future’ and sent the picture along with a caption saying, ‘ I am ready’ as a response to the tagline of the said image. This e-mail in question was allegedly sent on November 1, 2014.


A source tells us that Kangana was extremely jealous when Hrithik interacted with other women at parties. At one time the two of them attended the same party where Hrithik was socializing with a few colleagues from the industry. Kangana’s prying eyes were on him all evening and the first thing Mr. Roshan woke up to the next day was a mail that read:


Kangana’s lawyer maintains that they had complained to the police that her email was hacked. “My client Ms. Kangana Ranaut has alleged that Mr. Hrithik Roshan was continuously hacking her email accounts due to which she was forced to shut and abandon her two primary email accounts more than 8 months ago. These allegations was also contained in my counter notice cum reply dated 1st March 2016, to which Hrithik has still not replied to despite lapse of more than fifty (50 days).,” says the lawyer.


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