Is Getting Zombied worse than Ghosting?

In today’s age of technology, dating and relationships have become more accessible than ever before. However, this ease of communication has led to a more casual approach to dating, with many millennials feeling like they have an abundance of options. As a result, new dating terms have emerged, including fwb, casual dating, prowling, benching, catfishing, and ghosting. Recently, a new term has been introduced: zombing.

Zombing is similar to ghosting, but instead of disappearing from someone’s life without warning, the person reappears after a prolonged absence. Maria Daring, a popular TikToker, introduced the term in a video where she compared being “zombied” to being “ghosted.” While some TikTok users found the term amusing, being “zombied” can be hurtful and disrupt someone’s emotional well-being, as it brings back memories and feelings that were once thought to be in the past.

Overall, while technology has made it easier to connect with others, it has also introduced new challenges in dating and relationships. Understanding these challenges and the terminology that comes with them can help individuals navigate the complex world of modern romance.

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