Indore Accident: Roof Fall in Temple Leads to 35 Death

In the Patel Nagar neighbourhood of Indore, during Ram Navami celebrations, several people tumbled into a well as the roof of Shri Beleshwar Mahadev Jhulelal Temple collapsed.

as the search for people reported missing following the tragic event was underway, the death toll from the stepwell collapse at the Indore temple had risen to 35. 

Over 50 individuals fell into the well, according to Indore Collector Illiya Raja T, who also provided an update on the number of fatalities and rescue efforts. where 35 of them have passed away. The vast majority of the populace is related. He claimed that the accident also affected a lot of kids.

The rescue operation is undergoing

The rescue effort has involved a team of 140 individuals, including 75 soldiers. The Commissioner of the Indore division Pawan Sharma, reports that they have found 35 bodies and saved 18 persons so far. “Of the 18 individuals, 16 receive therapy, and the other two are doing well. Additionally, two individuals are missing, and search efforts are being made to locate them. said that efforts are being made to save the survivors.

PM is also tense about the situation

In addition to assessing the situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his sympathies. Extremely distressed by the incident in Indore, he wrote. took a status report from CM Shivraj Chouhan Ji over the phone. The State Government is leading rescue efforts and assistance.
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