HUDA City Centre metro station in Gurugram has been renamed as ‘Millennium City Centre’

The HUDA City Centre station on the Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line will be renamed as ‘Millennium City Centre’, the DMRC announced on Monday. Earlier in the day, DMRC had announced the new name of the station as ‘Gurugram City Centre’ had been amended in the evening and named third time as ‘Millennium City Centre’.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) tweeted, “A decision has been taken to rename the HUDA City Centre Metro station on Yellow Line as Gurugram City Centre. Accordingly, the process of changing the name in all official documents, signage, announcements, etc. has been initiated and shall be changed gradually.”

“In partial modification of the earlier announcement regarding the renaming of the HUDA City Centre Metro station on Yellow Line, it has now been decided by competent authorities to rename the station as Millennium City Centre,” DMRC said in a tweet.

Source said that the request came from both the central government and the Haryana state government for changing the name of the HUDA City Centre metro station and the new name was proposed by the Haryana Mass Rapid Transport Corporation Limited.

Like earlier, DMRC has changed the names of stations based on the area, popular landmarks or on the name of public personalities, this renaming of HUDA City centre metro station came when the metro authority was working on an extension of metro network from HUDA City Centre to Cyber City in Gurugram.

Since, Gurugram is well known as the “Millennium city of India” as it is commercial hub in the NCR, so the change in the name of the metro station.

Commuters shared their reactions on the decision of DMRC:

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