Hrithik & Kangana Legal Notices Have Turned Uglier.

This Hrithik -Kangana war of the exes is getting uglier by the day. New details of their legal notices to each other have emerged and this one is really shocking.

According to a report in a leading daily, Hrithik’s notice has accused Kangana of having called his father Rakesh Roshan because she was so obsessed with Hrithik.


The notice says:
“You have misconstrued our client’s silence and dignity as a weakness and started being more and more impudent. You had the audacity to call his father and give him advice on how to handle his son, who, you said, is chasing you via mails and phone calls. His father also explained and conveyed to you that you had misunderstood the situation and that our client is not interested in you.”

Kangana’s notice, however, claims that the two were not just “work friends’.

Her notice states:
“That she was invited to a private birthday party in January 2011 `with select guests’ establishes the fact that your client was not only professionally associated (with her) but was also personally close. And this was before she signed Krrish 3. She also attended your sister’s birthday party in January 2012… Pursuant to this my client attended your father’s birthday party in September 2013, which was a private affair with select guests. These facts are sufficient to prove that my client was never a stranger to your client or his family, and therefore your client blatantly cannot deny the same to suit his convenience.”

Honestly, yahi baaki reh gaya thha!


Both of them have managed to make a relationship a legal saga and I hope when this dies down, they find the drama worth it. While neither of them have officially spoken about the whole issue, Hrithik seems to have found his new BFF in Twitter.

Yesterday a chat on Twitter with his fans as if nothing out of ordinary was happening in his life. His latest post almost seems like a sly tweet about the Kangana saga as so much is being said and written about it.

Check it out!

Does this have to be this nasty?

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