Hearing on Same Sex Marriage Making Legalized

The hearing is going on same sex marriage from 6 days in supreme court of India, whether to make it legal in India or not. India will be the first south Asian country to make it legal if the decision comes in favor of this marriage act.

There are currently around six petitions pending at the High Court of Delhi asking for recognition of their marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act. 

Supreme court has already make it legal to choose partner as per their choice despite of gender and religion. LGBTQ community has right to have relationship as per their choice and to be in live in relationship. Even many marriages are being done in same sex. The thing is they can’t regsiter this kind of marriage.

Neitezen’s reactions are mixed. Some are opposing and some are supporting. But the leaders of all main religion of India whether its hindu, muslim, sikh, christian and jain have strongly opposed same sex marriage.

The government estimates says that there are around 2.5 million gay popolation in india but right campaigner of LGBTQ community say it over 100 millions.

One of the minister says, “Modi’s position is that same-sex relationships can’t be compared to the sacred Indian family concept of “a wife, a husband and children born out of the union.”

Let’s see how people are reaction on this matter

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