Gajender Singh Suicide in AAP Rally, Alka Lamba tweets cause concern

Gajender Singh Rathore had tied the Turban on Bill Clinton when he visited India in 2000. Gajender Singh is also a Winner of several state awards as an expert in tying turbans. Its a sad incident but the reactions of leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Modi are nothing but an attempt to gain political mileage from the Farmers death.

An accident is also not ruled out, as it is quite possible for someone to slips while enacting a Suicide in situations like this. The loss for his family is permanent and must be given due help. However Police and people around should have helped promptly.


If there is some conspiracy as suggested in an ANI piece, its really sad.

Alka Lamba seems to be known more than everyone else on this matter!

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