Concern over Swati Maliwal’s assault and allegations of CCTV tampering at Arvind Kejriwal’s home

After the terrific attack on Swati Maliwal (Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson), a new controversy arose, as a Member of Parliament claimed the CCTV footage of Arvind Kejriwal (CM of Delhi) ‘s house was tempered.

The attack on Malliwal in the DCW office gave a shock to Delhi Politics. Maliwal, who had always been the voice of so many women for their rights, was unusually attacked by unidentified people during the press conference.

Unexpectedly, an MP of the Aam Aadmi Party has revealed concern about the manipulation of CCTV cameras at Chief Minister Kejriwal’s home while an assault inquiry is going on. He claimed that the area around Kejriwal’s house, where attackers fled after the attack, has been removed intentionally.

The opposition party is demanding an intensive investigation of the incident. Concerns about the exact moment of the suspected manipulation the AAP leadership has called for responsibility.

In return for all these allegations, Delhi police promised a proper inquiry to the Maliwal assault and obligation for manipulating CCTV footages. Due to high political pressure, increasing over time, immediate action is needed to protect the authenticity of the investigation. Public needs justice for swati maliwal.

All eyes are on the Delhi political scenario because the conflict is developing. We are expecting additional developments and praying for clarification in a state of confusion.

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