Black Magic, Physical Abuse: Kangana’s Ex Adhyayan Suman

Adhyayan is a six-film old star kid, son of Shekhar Suman, who also worked with Kangana in Raaz 2, which is when they started dating.

At the time, Adhyayan was 20. He claims he was so traumatised and “emotionally-tortured” after his relationship with Kangana ended, that he decided to not talk about it to the media at all.

DNA writes,

“For seven years, he has kept his silence, and his fear now is that it shouldn’t be seen that he was talking publicity. Because had he wanted that, he would have spoken a long time ago.” So he’s talking now, possibly the one time in Kangana’s lifetime where, if anyone so much as takes her name, they’ll make it to every single front page in the country.


DNA approached Adhyayan, so he decided to talk. Fair enough. He starts by giving a disclaimer, saying that he’s “not doing this to hamper Kangana’s career or stardom, as she might feel.” Then he goes on to tear into her life choices and stops short of calling her a witch.

He also clarifies, again, that he’s not doing this for publicity, or to get Hrithik to produce him, just in case you were thinking that this interview is very cleverly-timed and reeks of something apart from trauma. He says, “My sympathies are majorly with Hrithik and his family. I can imagine what they must be going through. I am not taking sides or saying that he’s right and she’s wrong, but I feel someone should speak up for Hrithik. It doesn’t come from a space where I will be doing a film with him tomorrow (laughs) and I am sure neither is he going to produce my film, but this is for people who will start commenting on social media — I don’t want anything from Hrithik. I want to work hard on my own.”

Here’s a gist of his allegations against her.

Her issues were “woman’s emotion.”

“I’d always see her eccentric behaviour as a woman’s emotions.But it started getting worse. One day when I was at her house, time, Bhattsaab called me after seeing the rushes of Raaz 2 and told me he loved my work and he would direct me. He quit directing by then, so I was like ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ I was talking on speakerphone and she was hearing everything. She told me, ‘Behen**** mujhe koi kyun nahi phone kar rahe yaar?'”

She was into Hrithik while she was dating him.
“It was during the shooting of Kites. She got friendly with Hrithik and his wife. There were occasional dinners with them and I went for a few. Hrithik had invited Kangana for his birthday and he called me also. I brought flowers and an expensive champagne. We were sitting and talking when Hrithik walked in. She cut me abruptly, picked up my flowers and champagne and handed it to him saying, ‘Happy birthday! This is from me for you.’ She didn’t even introduce me.”

She hit him
“(At the party) I was feeling really upset and left and I got a little high. One moment she made me feel loved and then in the next, it was like I was a nobody in her life! I was standing at the bar alone when Kangana walked up to me said some actor at the party was trying to grab her a**. I felt protective towards her but I was at someone’s house and creating a scene would be rude so I told her, ‘Let’s go.’ She went back to doing her thing. Later she came and told me let’s go right now. I was walking down the stairs with her, when she turned around and slapped me! She said, ‘Mother Fu***, behen****! Bh*sd*ke! You are f***** jealous of my success!’ The intensity of the slap was so hard I was almost crying. That was the first time she got violent.”

She verbally abused his father.
“Yes. On January 13, 2009, at my birthday party at home, after most people left, Mohit Suri, Kangana, Kunal Deshmukh, my parents and dad’s few close friends were talking about how actors sometimes tend to sell our souls for commercial films. Kangana started to get offended and said, ‘We don’t sell our souls’. Dad said he was giving a generic example but she took it personally and she called my father a b****** in front of everyone. My father was furious. She left screaming started screaming abuses at him in Hindi. One thing I can’t still forgive myself for — I was a bad son to my parents during that time. This one moment changed my life forever— the way she spoke to my father. But at the time, she had manipulated my mind so beautifully that rather than breaking up with her that night, I screamed at my father. I smashed things because I was losing my mind.”

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After all this, are we looking at another Gone girl?

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