Air India Flight Landed to Delhi as Passenger Misbehaves with the Crew

15 minutes after the AI-111 Delhi-London flight took off, the male passenger allegedly tugged the female cabin crew’s hair. An angry customer got into a fight with the crew mid-flight on a Delhi to London Air India flight on Monday, forcing it to return to Delhi. According to the news agency, the airline reported the incident to the Delhi Airport Police and turned over the disruptive passenger to them. At 6.35 in the morning, the Air India flight departed from Delhi. After taking off, a fight broke out, causing the aircraft to turn around and return to Delhi.

In order to remove the disruptive passenger who began causing problems as soon as the flight took off, the plane turned around and returned to Delhi. At the airport, the disruptive passenger was removed from the aircraft, and the flight to London departed.

“Air India flight AI 111, planned to fly from Delhi to London Heathrow on April 10, 2023, turned around and headed back to Delhi shortly after takeoff because of a passenger’s seriously disruptive behaviour. The passenger persisted with their disruptive behaviour, even hurting two of the cabin crew members physically, despite verbal and written warnings. The pilot in charge made the decision to return to Delhi, and the passenger was given to security officers upon landing, according to a statement from Air India. An FIR has also been filed with the police.

What officials said about this incident?

At Air India, we value everyone on board in terms of their safety, security, and dignity. We are offering the impacted crew members every form of assistance. The flight has been rescheduled to leave for London this afternoon out of our apology for the trouble we caused the customers, according to the statement by officials.

A passenger who was spotted smoking in the bathroom of an Air India flight from London to Mumbai last month was arrested for disorderly conduct. For breaking the guidelines in the instance of the November urination, Air India was fined 30 lahks at the beginning of this year. On November 26, a passenger named Shankar Mishra is accused of peeing on an elderly woman while she was intoxicated on a trip from New York to New Delhi.

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