Shraddha Walkar Murder: ‘Aftab killed Shraddha Walkar in a fit of rage,’ as per the charge sheet

Poonawala and Shraddha Walkar met each other through an online dating application.

Aaftab Poonawala brutally murdered his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar in rage after she went to meet a friend, based on a chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police.

The police filed a 6,629-page charge sheet in the Mehrauli murder case against Aaftab Poonawala in the Saket court on Tuesday, extending his judicial custody by two weeks to February 7. According to police, Poonawala became extremely violent after learning that his girlfriend had gone out to meet a friend.

“On the day of the incident, Walkar had gone to meet one of her friends, whom Poonawala despised. “After that, he became violent, and the incident occurred,” said Meenu Chaudhary, Joint Commissioner of Police (South), according to PTI. The charge sheet was filed on Tuesday, according to police, under sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code. According to them, over 150 testimonies have been recorded.

After a fight, Aaftab allegedly strangled his partner, Shraddha, on May 18, 2022. “Around the middle of May, the couple had a disagreement about marriage, which escalated, and Poonawala killed her.” “The cops had stated. During the investigation, Poonawala told police that he killed his live-in partner after a disagreement over marriage and that the idea of chopping her body into 35 pieces was inspired by “Dexter.” “, an American crime drama television series.


Poonawala and Walkar met through an online dating app in 2019 and later started working for the same call center in Mumbai, where they fell in love. Their families, however, objected to the relationship because they are of different faiths, prompting the couple to relocate to Mehrauli last year.

The accused, a trained chef, eluded capture for six months before being apprehended in November 2022 after details of the killing and its grisly aftermath emerged during his interrogation.


Last week, Vikas Walkar, Shraddha Walkar’s father, met with Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar police chief Madhukar Pandey and demanded action against the officers who failed to act quickly on two complaints. Pandey has promised to take action against the wrongdoing officials.

Shraddha, according to Vikas, filed a complaint with the Tulinj police in 2020, accusing Poonawala of abusing and assaulting her, while he approached the Manikpur police after his daughter went missing last year. He had previously claimed that both police stations, which are under the jurisdiction of the MBVV, did not act quickly on the complaints.

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