World Music Day: Celebrating the Global Power of Music

Music is an essential component of our daily lives. Our favourite music improves our spirits and relax our thoughts, whether for stress reduction, motivation, emotional expression, or as a connecting factor with others. The songs and intelligent words let us celebrate, relax, and sometimes just feel glad and grateful for life. Music, like any other art form, overcomes language barriers, making it all the more lovely. On June 21, the world celebrates World Music Day.

This day brings people from all around the world together to celebrate the power of music. On this day, young and amateur musicians are invited to perform their favourite instruments in parks and open places for the enjoyment of the public. Free concerts and other events are also organised by music enthusiasts. World Music Day is also observed to honour the signers and musicians that provide us with diverse renditions of this beautiful art.


French Minister of Culture Jack Lang presented the concept of observing World Music Day in 1982. Another theory claims that World Music Day has been observed since 1976. Joel Cohen is credited with coming up with the idea of an all-night music festival to commemorate the start of the summer solstice.

The first World Music Day celebrations were held in 1982 in Paris. On this unique occasion, almost 1,000 musicians performed throughout the city. Since then, musicians have taken to the streets, parks, and concert halls to play their instruments, sing songs, and share their passion for music.


World Music Day emphasises the importance of music in our lives. It also functions as a platform for amateur and professional musicians to play in public places.

World Music Day celebrates the global power of songs and rhythms in unifying people beyond borders, cultures, ethnicity, and languages.

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