Woman Appears To Vanish On Live TV.

This is one of those clips that you have to watch again, and again, and again.

During a recent interview on Danish television channel TV2, a woman in the background appears to vanish into thin air.

Our first thought about the above gif was that it might have been craftily edited — but a bit of digging shows it’s not.

You can watch the full interview clip on TV2, complete with some excitable confusion from the Danish anchors who are just as baffled by the woman’s disappearance as the rest of us.

So what the hell was exactly going on?
Well the answer to the whole thing is pretty seamless, there is one small clue. Take a closer look at this still from the end of the clip.


If you look closely, you can see the blonde woman’s blue jeans in the gap between the woman’s arm and her body.

Basically the whole thing is just a freaky coincidence, where the blonde woman walks off shot at the exact moment the woman pushing the trolley walks past.

No disappearance sadly, only a great escape.

Still pretty cool, though.

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