Why to make a custom website

Websites are broadly categorized in two types, Template Websites and Custom Websites.

Template websites can be understood as an apartment in which a person moves and adjusts according to the basic structure of the apartment to make it feel more like home, the person has to compromise on some things and  major modifications like moving of a wall or shifting a window are not allowed.

Custom Website development can be understood as building an own house, it is built according to the needs and requirements of the person,  the design of the house is decided by the person, he/she can suggest the design and modifications at any point in the building of the house, the needs and requirements of the person are kept in mind always while creating the house, the location of doors and positioning of the windows can be all decided by the owner.

The Custom developed website is based on the client’s own prerequisites, functionalities wished and experiences gained from other website products.

These days websites can also be created using online website builders, here already created paid templates are available to use for development.

The websites are created from scratch in Custom development, following steps of development are followed  :

  1. The first step is creating Wireframes, wireframes are images used to plan the functionality of a website.
  2. It is followed by PSD (photoshop document) creation with the help of Photoshop.
  3. The PSD’s are then converted to Webpages with the help of various available front-end technologies.
  4. In case the site is dynamic, the website is created back-end.

The Custom Websites are preferred over the tempelate websites because it helps the companies get exactly the same features they had wanted, also the desired look and feel of the site can be achieved.

Time and money can be saved if one buys the template that is similar to the desired design and features and then applies modification.

Custom Website development gives the client a lot of freedom in context to desired functionalities and putting forward client-specific requirements, everything can be done as the client wants, and the way the client wants it to be done. A unique, functional website that showcases a company can be built with the right designing skills, proper planning and right timing.

Some advantages of Custom Designed Websites :

  1. Unique Design : The custom website is created in a client-specific manner, the final product will be different from all other websites and products.
  2. Adaptability : The website will allow adding of some features in the future according to the prioritization set in the wishlist by the client , i.e in cases where the budget of the client doesn’t allow him to add all the features in the starting phase. Since the website will be specific with the client’s needs, new features can be added easily in the future.
  3. Scalability : Easy modification and adding of new features makes the custom made websites more scalable as compared to template websites.
  4. Content Management System (CMS) : The Content of the website will be managed easily using the Content Management System (CMS) built into the site by the developer, the user can manage the content of the website themselves from anywhere.
  5. Growth :  The growth of the business is supported by the website, a professional developer will help you do so, if the client has some ideas that would require the help of the site in the future, the developer will install technologies in the site that will work with those ideas in the future.

The quality of the website depends upon it’s cost, the client gets the resultant product depending upon the resources he has invested,  the best websites are those that help making the client’s business more evident and impactful in the market and works in the most optimal way with respect to the end-users.

The decisions at the time of creation of the website  that supports these causes are the best ones, the website should not disappoint the end users, everything they need, they expect, should be there on the website, the impact of the website on the end users is one of the most important aspect of the running of the business, template websites may seem an easy option out but the efficiency of creating an impact of your business on the site visitor’s minds can only be achieved by custom websites, they are more effective for this purpose.

Some experienced firms like IT Combine work in the field of Custom Website Development, they are successful in keeping their clients happy and satisfied over a long period of time, Indian Army is one of their major clients.


The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.

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