Why The International Day Of Yoga was truly a Global event. Another HitAasana from PM Modi.

Yoga in Paris
These simple things that Narendra Modi does and does them with grandeur makes one wonder about the previous Govts lack of thoughtfulness. There are so many things ‘INDIAN’ that, if properly advocated and promoted, can go a long way in creating an atmosphere of well being and pride in the citizens of this country. To get a UN resolution passed and make 21st June as the International Day of Yoga is one thing, to ensure that it is celebrated across the Globe with enthusiasm and cheer is totally grand.

Even as Rajpath was turned into YogaPath, events were also executed in all states with representation of Central Ministers. The International response to the International Day Of Yoga was overwhelming with people volunteers joining in huge numbers in New York, London, Paris and several other cities including the UNESCO Lawns.

Well done. Another feather in the Cap Mr PM

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