When Anupam Kher’s Intolerance Debate Went Gaga on Twitter.

The motion of this year’s TT debate is ‘Tolerance is the new Intolerance’ and it’s like one of those words or phrases that read the same way, no matter which way you read them, left to right or vice versa.

The debate made news when Anupam Kher started his point-of-view. Only the rich and the famous are talking of intolerance, there is no debate on the issue, actor Anupam Kher on Saturday claimed.

“This is no debate. The rich and the famous are talking of intolerance. If you ask a man on the street, they won’t talk about intolerance. All they want is food two times a day. Those with a champagne in a glass are only talking about it. Are you living in India or America,” Kher said at the Telegraph National Debate on intolerance in Kolkata.


Mocking Rahul Gandhi, he said, “Congress is the most tolerant in India because they are tolerating a person whom they want to project as a prime minister of this country”.

AICC spokesman Randeep Surjewala said in the last two years it has often appeared that intolerance is now part of the mainstream discourse.

Bollywood actress Kajol said there are different types of intolerance and political intolerance is only one of them.

“To make all social issues a political one is absolutely wrong. I also think that We have to work together to make a stronger and richer India and only then intolerance cease to exist. The debate on intolerance does not recognise this,” she said.

Soon after the debate, the video was deleted from Youtube.

Here’s what tweepeople had to say about the same.

After sometime ABP news posted their news in Youtube again.

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