What Uma Bharti SAID as Vyapam Scam Deaths reach an alarming 46. CBI probe requested.

Talking to India Today, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti said “There is panic in Madhya Pradesh due to the deaths. I am scared for the lives of people connected to me. I am a minister but still I am scared. I will convey my fears to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” Bharti, a former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, was quoted as having told India Today TV.

The popular public sentiment has forced the CM Shivraj singh to request the High courts for a CBI inquiry into the deaths and the scam. These actions are actually very delayed and 46 people dead is a huge number. Looks like a bigger scam than most of the financial scams that we have earlier heard of.

Here are now some convincing evidences that the police have tried to cover up some deaths and have falsely reported Strangulation as Suicides. Its important to bring to light the people behind this.

Overall the Govt has been extremely slow in reacting to events related to the Vyapam scam. The finger is pointing directly towards the CM Shivraj Singh now.

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