What Serena, Djokovic, Sania, Leander and Martina said after winning Wimbeldon 2015

This years Wimbeldon has been special for India. 3 out of 5 finals saw an Indian winning. This is indeed history created and is unlikley to be matched for several years.

Djokovic won 7-6, 6-7, 6-4 and 6-3 and attributed his recent form to his marriage, ‘Ever since I got married and became a father, I haven’t lost many matches and have won many tournaments. ‘I suggest to every player, get married and have kids and enjoy this. Whether I’m winning or losing, the family’s always there. When I go back home I’m not a tennis player any more; I’m a father to Stefan and a husband to Jelena. That’s a balance that allows me to play this well.’

Serena won hearts when she praised the runner up and Said after the Win,”Don’t be sad. You’ll be holding this trophy very soon, believe me. You’re a great champ.” “Oh, I could do a cartwheel,” In the press interview she said “Man, it is really a great feeling. I’m just really excited about it because I didn’t want to talk about the Serena Slam. I honestly wouldn’t have thought last year after winning the US Open I would win the Serena Slam at all. It’s super exciting. I just knew I wanted to win Wimbledon this year. Of all the Grand Slams, it was the one I hadn’t won in a while. It was like, I really want to win Wimbledon. It happened. Just amazing. It feels really, really good.”

Sania Mirza Said, “I’m trying to win because we want to win. This is what we play for really. I mean, I hope, sure, it inspires a lot of girls and makes them believe they can be Grand Slam champions, too.” “To come out at Wimbledon Centre Court and have the whole crowd behind you is pretty incredible.”
Martina Hingis was all praise for her partner Sania. Martina Said, “It’s above my expectations.
I have a great partner to pull me through. It takes guts and courage being 5 2 down in the third set. Couldn’t have asked for more drama how to win it.” “It’s definitely the crowd who made us win this match at the end. Sania Started to hit her forehands even bigger towards the end.”

The Indian Prime Minister praised all the winners through his tweets.

Leander and Martina have a lot of mutual respect and leader expressed it when he said, “I feel really special being on the court with Martina.”
This is what the winners earned for their effort:
Djokovic won £1.88 million for his victory. Federer takes home £940,000 as runner-up.
Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza took away £340,000.
Martina Hingis and Leander took home £100,000.

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