What is pregnant Kim Kardashian doing with Vijay Mallayas F1 Team driver Sergio Perez?

Brand Promotion for the energy drink Hype! Don’t smell a Fish, ok!
Kim Kardashian is the global brand ambassador for #Hype. ‪#‎iHYPEhere‬ party was organised to celebrate the launch of Hype Energy Drinks in the US and was attended by Sergio Perez the Force India F1 Driver. Hype is one of the sponsors of the Force India F1 Team. The event was attended by the Hype CEO Bertrand Gachot at Nashville.

Sergio looked shy standing (far) alongside Kim Kardashian and people posted interesting comments on Facebook. Kim is popular (and pregnant-through IVF) but people never miss a change to badmouth a celebrity.
“He probably got herpes from that distance, go see the doctor checo.”
Sabrina Therese – “Sorry you had to spend time with Kim K dressed in a condom.”
Bill Tchir – Got famous for a sex tape, and she’s ‘global ambassador’… That’s funny!

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