What do these terms stand for in User Experience : UX | IA | CX | UXA

The success and failiure of a product in the market depends upon the User Experience. People consider User Experience as the most important factor to win the markets.

With the advancement of technologies in the market, the complexity of products such as Websites and Webapps has also increased. The earlier used static interfaces on websites have evolved into more interactive and dynamic experiences. Users these days like to interact live on the site. Most websites provide these features and the remaining ones are shifting towards this trend.

The perception of a website in a user’s mind is the basis of their decision on whether they want to be a regular user of the site or not. Making their experience easy, pleasant and valuable is the ground for User Experience development.

People sometimes confuse User Experience with Usability, which is not correct, usability means that how easily a product can be used on the other hand User Experience covers all the aspects of the user’s experience with the product such as usability, interface design, functionalities of the product and much more. Usability is a part of User Experience but not the complete domain itself.

One often hears the terms such as UX, IA, CX and UXA in the ifeld of User Experience, here are some elaborations for the above terms :

  • UX stands for User Experience, it is the experience of the people with the  a product such as a website or an app, whether they are able to carry out their desired tasks without any confusion . User Experience can be enhanced by doing research on the users, performing usability tests on the product and using wireframes and prototypes for design creation.
    Confusing interfaces make the users frusturated and they leave the site in between of their work, if the experience is good they will definitely get back to the app and also suggest it to their friends and relatives. This will be productive for the product owner also.
    The UX is the factor that makes a product  exceptional and stand out in the market competition.
  • IA aka Information Architecture tells about the structuring and organization of a website, the content of the website should be arranged meaningfully or else the effort goes in vain. Creating an efficient IA is the role of an Information Architect, he works similar to a building architect that makes buildings and roads, the only difference is that he creates entities in the digital space.
    An IA structures the content of a website or a product using flowcharts and diagrams, this graphical representation is then mapped in the design and development process.
  • CX (Customer Experience) : It is the overall experience of the customer, it covers all aspects of the Customer interaction with the development firm and the product. Customer involvement is required at many instances in the product development eg finding and meeting the development brand, purchasing, giving feedbacks, complaining, providing support and much more.The CX domain involves interactions of the customers with both Digital and Physical environment. A lot of business skills are required in the CX domain, a CX expert understands the customer’s entire plan and with the help of his expert understanding of the process flow of the company and acts as a mediator between the company and the customer.Perfect balance in the combination of knowledge of Service design, UX Design and Business Stratergy is what it takes to be a CX Analyst Expert.
  • UXA is the abbreviation used for User Experience Assessment.It is also known as User Experience Evaluation. It encompasses all the methods and tools that are used to know how a person perceives a product or a system. The Assessment is carried out at all the points of design and development, that is before the process starts, after completion and also in between the process.
    Allthough User Experience is subjective but with the help of correct parameters, dimensions and methods the process of assessment can be made successful.Some development firms prioritize User Experience as the most important part of their business process flow. They hold a vast experience in creating User Friendly sites and giving life to the customer’s idea is their pride.———————————————
    The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.
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