What can be cuter than these? #UnexpectedlyCute

Well, we all love animals. don’t we? All the dog and cat videos on social media are among our favourites.

Zoos all over the world have posted pictures of their cutest inhabitants which are trending under the hashtag #UnexpectedlyCute. There is a bag full of picture tweets and Twitteraties are going “awwww” over them.

Once you see the pictures it would be really hard to decide which one is the cutest. Here are some of the zoo tweets:

  1. This baby hedgehog

2. Who said comodo dragons can’t be cute?

3. This turtle is all smiles.

4. This spoonbill is happy to make in Unexpectedly Cute group

5. OMG these Mola Mola are so cute!!

6. The smile that’ll make you go weak in the knees

7. When these two alligators met

8. Well, I was eating !!

9. One word: Adorable

10. These whisks!!

11. Because I am little and I am hungry.

12. I am a Lion. Purrr!!!



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