What Anushka Sharma said on Nepotism in the Bollywood industry?

After the topic, Nepotism came into light via Karan Johar’s talk show where the guest of the evening who highlighted the topic was the Bollywood actress, Kangna Ranaut. From where Karan was started to be called as the flag bearer of nepotism, after that episode, nepotism has become the talking point on which so many negative as well as positive comments from the industry started to come. Some people supported Kangna and some stated against her from the Bollywood industry, from that show this topic is ever since going.

But this is the first time when Anushka has said anything on the topic of nepotism. She was quoted saying that she has nothing to with nepotism though everyone is talking about it where she further said the actor should be blamed for nepotism but only the people those are responsible for it, should; it is a useless topic to talk about.

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