Watch: Virat Kohli’s Emotional Video Where He Talks About Stepping Down As RCB Captain Post IPL 2021

After the news of stepping down as the captainship of T-20, India cricket team captain Virat kohli now announced to step down as the RCB captain after this season of Indian premier league.

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Virat, caught quite emotional while sharing the news. His video is just heart melting. He is announcing to quit RCB captainship after this IPL.

Kohli came into RCB in 2012 while he was serving his best to the team but despite all his performances on the field his team RCB yet not able to lift the IPL trophy. He mentioned that he is just stepping down from the captainship but still being a part of RCB.

CricketNDTV@CricketNDTV tweeted, “#ViratKohli has been the face and leader of #RCB since taking over as captain in the middle of the 2012 season”

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