Watch Dipa Karmakar’s Moves Which Only 4 Other Gymnasts Can Perform

Dipa Karmakar is a 22 year old from Tripura. When she talks about her home, she describes it as a place that is simple and relatively unknown. But instead of saying it with a sense of distaste she reminisces, almost nostalgic when speaks about her humble beginnings.

Later this year, Dipa is going to represent India in the Rio Olympics at women’s gymnastics.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, the Produnova vault involves a front handspring into two frontal somersaults and it is the most difficult maneuver in women’s gymnastics.

If performed incorrectly it can cause a fatal injury to the spine. In spite of that, she risked it. She risked it till she was able to do it and THAT is what makes her Olympian material.

Listen to her very inspiring journey in this video.

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