Is Vidya Balan Pregnant?

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Vidya Balan, who will soon be seen in the upcoming film Begum Jaan, finally talked about the pregnancy rumors. A few days ago, She was spotted at a clinic, and the photos made everyone think “Is Vidya is pregnant ?”

Speaking to Mid-Day , the actor said, “It was annoying. I could be going to a clinic for an acne too! Why is it that every time a woman, post marriage, visits a doctor, there are whispers of her pregnancy?”

“I don’t think it’s anyone’s business except mine and my husband’s. It was a serious invasion on our privacy, but our country is such. Neighbours and relatives [constantly] ask us (unnecessary questions). The day I got married, one of my uncles told me at the wedding venue, ‘Next time I see you [her and Siddharth], I should be looking at three people, not two’. This was even before our wedding pictures could be clicked. I politely laughed because we hadn’t even decided on our honeymoon destination then,” said the actress.

Begum Jaan went on to add, “What is this baby obsession? I am not a baby-making machine. Anyway, the world population is on a rise. If some people don’t have children, it’s fine.”

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