Uber Driver Helps ‘Drunk’ Woman Into Her Home, Receiving Overwhelming Praise from the Public

A ray of hope appears in a world which is dominated by lust, greed, and the taking advantage of desperate circumstances.  The internet is buzzing about a recent sweet incident involving an Uber driver, demonstrating that heroes don’t always wear capes. A real hero wears kindness, compassion and trust. 

The incident occurred late at night when an Uber driver encountered a circumstance that went beyond his duty. Many people praised and applauded this modest driver for his extraordinary act of humanity, which was captured in an internet video that went viral.


A resident’s door camera captured the video of the Uber driver standing next to a clearly drunk and icy woman on a front porch. When the resident gives the driver directions on where to find the key and assist the woman in entering her home, the background information becomes evident.

Netizens praised the Uber driver for this kindful act.

One user said, “Bro deserves the world’s first 6-star rating.”

Another said, “Protect this man at all costs! Just the kind of video I want to see at the beginning of 2024.”

Some other netizen wrote, “This is the humanity we need more of in the world.”

Though there was a lot of appreciation, some users expressed caution.

Like, “That’s cool but LADIES, don’t go out and get this drunk. It’s not safe.”

“She’s lucky to be alive. IDC how drunk you are, she’s legit a danger to herself.”

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