Tokyo Olympics:- Manu and Sourabh fails to qualify for table match

In the Tokyo Olympics, Manu Bhaker and Sourabh failed to qualify for the table match. They did the grand opening in the quality one and opened with rank 1, but on Tuesday, Manu and Sourabh lender at 7th in quality round 2 in 10 M Air pistol Mixed.

They shoot a total of 380 and leged out in the quality round 2. Sourabh shoot 96 in the first series of quality round 2 while Manu shoot 92 and they were placed at seventh in the first series of quality round 2.

Manu Bhaker and Sourabh Choudhury gave a fresh start and set the chances for India to win a medal in the Olympics this time but at the end it all didn’t work out.

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