To Sack Sushma or to Sack Raje. Modi BJP in a fix over Lalit Modi Episode.

Lalit Modi Sushma Swaraj Vijayaraje Sindhia
This seems to be a bigger matter to address for BJP as compared to the promises of Black Money, Kashmir and Ram Mandir. This is the first major issue where even the neutral public seems to be under the impression that all is not well because there are significant instances to show that Sushma Swaraj, Lalit Modi and Vasundhrara Raje share very close association. The latest expose that Lalit Modi invested huge amounts in Vasundhara Raje Family business is huge.

The Fans, The Loyalists, The Haters, The Rightist and The Leftists all are asking Modi to take Prompt action like in the case of Manipur Attack! Talk about Prompt action, Arnab and Rajdeep Sardesai suddenly got younger!

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