The world’s cheapest smartphone’s here!

A Smartphone Priced At Rs 251?

The world’s cheapest smartphone’s here!

Costing all of Rs 251 ($5) was launched in New Delhi on Wednesday, The Ringing Bells Freedom 251. It’s a 3G smartphone with specifications similar to entry-level smartphones priced around Rs 4,000

Expressing concern over the launch from a Noida-based company, India’s cheapest smartphone at a low price as Rs 251, mobile industry ICA has written to Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to get into depth of the issue, saying the rate could not be below Rs 3,500 even after a subsidized sale.

The ICA hasn’t taken any action yet. But the smartphone was to be released earlier today. The flash sale started today at 6am, but guess what — only a handful of people managed to buy the phone because of a ‘server error’.

Resulting in people expressing their “sorrow” on twitter.

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