The Woman Who Wanted To Storm A Shani Temple In A Helicopter.

The young activist from Maharashtra had a bold plan to enter a holy place that barred female worshippers.

On Republic Day, the biggest question for Trupti Desai was whether she would be able to enter the temple in Shani Shingnapur, a temple located at a village in western Maharashtra. The problem was that as a woman, Desai is not allowed to set foot on the open platform where the idol is installed.

Desai, founder and president of the Bhumata Brigade, an activist group in Pune, decided to upend the status quo. She made grand plans to march to the village with 1,000 women and if they were barred at that point, to swoop down from the sky in a helicopter and land on the platform where the idol is installed.

Residents of Shani Shingnapur and right-wing religious groups bitterly opposed her plans, but she was not deterred.

And not to forget, there were obvious jokes about her as well.

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