The renowned percussionist Sivamani performs “Humma Humma” at Kochi airport; Surprises other travellers

On Wednesday afternoon, a number of travelers at the Kochi airport were forced to wait more than 40 minutes at the baggage conveyor belt. This time, however, the delay proved advantageous for the majority of travelers because renowned percussionist Sivamani was also present and provided an unexpected performance for the crowd.

Sheetal Mehta, an X user, uploaded a video of Sivamani performing at the Kochi airport, and it is quickly becoming viral.

“It’s been 40 minutes since we landed at Kochi airport and we are still waiting for our bags to come out. Instead of getting agitated we are getting entertained by a fellow passenger,” Sheetal Mehta posted.

Sivamani played the tune of AR Rahman’s song ‘Humma Humma’ on the railing of the conveyor belt using his drumsticks,.

Social media users commented as they were very excited watching this.

“That’s Sivamani. You are blessed. Enjoy the delay,” a user said.

Another comment reads, “Wow! Seldom does a baggage delay become a moment to cherish. Sivamani rocks!!”

Another commented, “That’s DrumsSivaMani. Will never complaint even it’s delayed for 12 hours.”

Another wrote, “The great Shivamani, not just an amazing percussionist but good human being as well.”

One more user wrote, “Dang! Sivamani playing …if he didn’t stop playing, the bags would never come out….. Cause even the staff would be busy listening! Lucky to witness the legend! No doubt no one’s agitated by the delay lol…”

Sivamani popularly known as ‘Drums Sivamani’. He was honoured with the Padma Shri in 2019. The drummer, who frequently works with AR Rahman, gained notoriety in 2008 and 2010 as the drummer for the Chennai Super Kings of the Indian Premier League.

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