The new collection of Wallpapers for windows

We all have seen the Window’s “Bliss” wallpaper. We all remember that beautiful wallpaper with a blue sky with patches of cotton white clouds and a perfectly cut green grass. It remained as the default wallpaper on Windows XP. The picture was clicked by a very famous photographer Chuck O’Rear. Well, it’s been 21 years since he clicked that picture and now Chuck O’Rear has shot 3 new wallpapers for Lufthansa as a sequel to the ‘Bliss’ photo.

Here are his 3 pictures:

Maroon Bells

Peek-a-Boo Shot

White Pocket

Here are some more beautiful and breathtaking pictures by Chuk O’Rear

What do you think of O’ Rear’s photography? Do you think these new pictures will also make a mark like the previous ones? Let us know in the comments section.

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