The Naked Bike Ride 2015. What the organizers SAID when a man got an erection!

Its that time of the year when there are more round objects in the view than wheels! The #NakedBikeRide 2015. Its about Burning FAT and Not OIL and Less GAS, more ASS.

The #NakedBikeRide 2015 is in news not only because of whats on display but also because of a natural consequence of it. One of the participants heard some gasps and she turned around to see a man panting due to an erection! The police was called and took the man away after ordering him to put his pants on.

It is interesting to note that the arousal violated local nudity laws because, in UK non-sexualized nudity is legal but sexualized nudity can lead to police action.

Over 1000 Cyclists rode their bikes naked, to drive home the fact that, its better to use less cars and save the earth by saving fuel and Oil.

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