‘The Kerala Story’ actor Adah Sharma met with an accident on Sunday: Confirmed her wellness on Social Media

As per the reports, The Kerala Story actor Adah Sharma met with a road accident on Sunday. The whole team of the film was going to join an event in Karimnagar, but due to the accident, the event was called off.

Following the accident, Adah Sharma informed on social media and confirmed that she and the whole team were fine. In her post on Twitter, Adah Sharma wrote, “I’m fine guys. Getting a lot of messages because of the news circulating about our accident. The whole team, all of us are fine, nothing serious, nothing major but thank you for the concern.”

Knowing about her health update, people tweeted: 

Director Sudipto Sen also informed that they have called off the promotional event due to a medical emergency.

In another tweet, he wrote, “Thank u so much for ur concerns about our health. We are overwhelmed with ur calls & warm messages. Just wanted to tell u – we r now absolutely fine. Tom we’ll resume our promotional events. Pls continue supporting us. Love & light,” wrote.

Also, on account of Mother’s Day on Sunday, Actor Adah Sharma shared pictures saying “this year mixing up Reel and Real”

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