The journey of salima Tete from village to Olympic glory

When India women’s hockey team lost against Great Britain in the bronze medal match, a star player, Salima Tete, was catching the highlights as she belongs to a very poor background. Her father used to travel with her to the nearby district of Jharkhand to let her play hockey from where she has emerged as a player in Indian hockey team.

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Salima’s father revealed that they used to win against the chicken and goat in the village and they didn’t even saw the match of her daughter as they don’t have television at home. 

He added that, ” playing hockey is the best thing at our village as Salima often used to accompany him to the nearby district to play the game and hence she is in the Indian hockey team”.

NDTV says “jharkhand: Visuals from the residence of hockey player Salima Tete, in Badkichapar village of Simdega district Tete is part of the Indian women’s hockey team that takes on Great Britain for #Bronze medal in #TokyoOlympics today. (ANI)”

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