The best character on the crew stage,The cat from the new Captain Marvel posters

Disney released a bunch of new character posters for Captain Marvel. One of them is a cat named Goose. Guess which one is the most attractive.

Yes, obviously the cat. Goose belongs to Carol Danvers, the human alter-ego of Captain Marvel. Even before this poster surfaced, there was reason to believe that Goose wouldn’t turn out to be what he seemed. Now it’s pretty much confirmed.

In the comics, Danvers’ cat Chewie is literally a Flerken. This race of alien beings favour the house cats of Earth, except their mouths are filled with favour appendage. Further, the Flerken oral cavity is, in fact, a pocket aspect that can contain entire universes.

Goose may or may not turn out to be a Flerken too, but the fact that he gets a whole character poster to himself demonstrate he’s got a key role to play in the movie.

Disney released some other posters as well, spotlight the humans of Captain Marvel. But they’re not nearly as intoxicate

Jude Law’s, on the other hand, is the worst. Like… is that actually Jude? It doesn’t even look a little bit like him.

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