Terrifying video of Avalanche hitting the Everest base camp.

Nepal has been devastated, no ends. Just watching these videos and photos that are now emerging make you shiver. How can nature be so so cruel. The death toll is going up by the hour and rain and cold is not making rescue easier.

It is said that Everest isn’t as hard as K2 and some other harder mountains to climb. On a good day a hundred people can summit Everest. However it a completely different breed of Humans who can think of trying these death defying adventures.

India has been foremost in offering help. The govt has not only sent in relief material and medicines, they have also sent teams to reinstate the communication network in Nepal by sending a team of NIC.
Members of MES NIC went to Kathmandu on short notice. They have helped set up communication channel for landline phone and internet at NDRF base camp. NDRF communication project is being handled by SATCOM group of NIC
Earlier two officers had gone to J&/K during food disaster too.
The people at large are appreciating the fact that PM Modi is a man of action and #ThankYouPM has been trending for nearly the whole day today.

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