Television- Bigg Boss OTT Teaser: Karan Johar Reveals Audience Will Decide Punishments For Contestants…

Bigg Boss OTT is all set to premiere on August 8. The new format is going to be different from its television version.

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In the new promo being aired on the channel, Karan Johar announces he is going to host Bigg Boss OTT and then gives a peek into what to expect from it. This is the first time the audience will have 24×7 LIVE accesses to enjoy the direct engagement, connection, and indulgence in the comings and goings of the house.

Moreover, this exclusivity continues for the next six weeks before the show goes on air, on television.

The show is going to be bolder and crazier than all the previous seasons. And the kind of tasks the contestants will be given will be the most talked about.

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